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JAIAquarian live at Pancakes and Jam

March 22, 2016

( Originally published on Mar 30, 2016 )

Conceived in early spring as the songbirds start to sing
Angels anticipated the grace that she would bring
She walk through mountain meadow filled with wildflowers and does not break a stem, so subtle is her power.
Her eyes could light a torch, her laugh could fill a room,
those lips could lure a prizefighter closer to his doom.
Every camera in the crowd will pan to her and zoom,
She’s a January baby, and her name is June
so subce that she would bring…
She walks thru ountain meadows filled with wildflowers
She has no inclination to profit from her looks,
tho she’s posed for painter’s portraits and inspired poet’s books.
She’s no muse confused by beauty’s ruse
Cause time’s a tireless candle and life keeps blowing through.
She’s got a relentless charm that always seems amused
She’s a January baby and her name is June

Like the songbirds in the trees when June was first conceived,
She is anchored by a music one can almost see.
It spills out between her lips and in the movement of her hips
AS she walks toward her purpose she hears symphonies of bliss.
Like the eyes that fall upon her and want but cannot own her,
every tree too turns toward her as her voice restores all order.
For tho’ conceived in love she fells chaos coming soon.
She’s a January baby and her name is June

lyrics and music…Creative Commons attribution license,


March 22, 2016
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