VoiceBodyLove is a full expression playshop designed to give everyone access to an expanded range of expression. Beginning with a full body vocal warm-up and excerises geared to opening up the ranges and types of expression and improvisation, we end the class creating sonic soundscapes with live vocal looping.

This workshop will likely fill up. Suggested donation $20 per person. There are three scholarship spaces available for those willing to help with promotion and volunteering at the event. Please contact Jaiaquarian Kydd to arrange.

JAIAquarian is the artist name of Jaia Kydd, an acomplished poet, lyricist, vocalist and spoken word performer based in Vancouver, BC who has toured as a concious hip-hop artist, fronted the Concious Rhythm Collective (Co-Rhy-Co), and performed at festivals around the world as vocalist and verbalist with artists such as Adham Shaikh, Koda Love, Applecat and Beatfarmer. VoiceBodyLove is a frequent festival offering created by Jaia to share the gift of engaging one another to expand our ranges of collective and individual expression. This is the second VoiceBodyLove tour across Canada.